Real 1080P Full HD Video

See Clearer License Plates on the Road

Safeel Zero features a high-end video processor that allow constant Full 1080P HD resolution recording during

both daytime and nighttime, You can rely on it to capture the precise moment of vehicle accidents, or vandalism

as well as hit and run incident during parking.

Emergency Recording, Stable & Reliable

Providing Peace of Mind While Driving

Safeel Zero features G-Sensor technology that allows the camera to

automatically save footage and emergency lock the current recording

in the events of collision. So you can be assured that you'll have a

record of the incident for insurance disputes or other purposes.

Parking Mode monitors your car's surroundings while your car is

parked and the engine is not running. It automatically begins recording

when the motion is detected.

Fashionable Circle Design

Compact Enough to Suit Your Car

Compact enough to suit your car, the Safeel Zero features our unique circle design yet. When

mounted, the camera becomes an incredibly understated witness to the road ahead.

Car Charger with Additional USB

Providing extra USB for cellphone charging while keeping the dash cam in use. It is designed to

live in your car socket with an additional USB, this charging accessory is a must-have for

multi-device users. Letting you enjoy truly practical convenience!

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) retains a greater level of detail and color in an image. This setting is

especially useful for scenes that include shadows or bright areas, such as driving under bright

sunlight, coming out of a tunnel, or overshadowed by high-rises etc.

Super Night Vision

Shooting Clearly Even in the Night

The combination of F1.8 large aperture and the WDR technology

ensures the clarity of images at night, helping you record a clear,

visible video even in low-light environments while driving or parked.

Built-in 1.5” HD Screen

It's clearly shows license plates when played back and easy to setup,

view. And look at the fashionable design when it's in screen saver mode,

which delivers a feeling of elegance and luxury.

Dual Mounts Included

Equipped with dual mounts (Adhesive Mount & Suction Cup Mount) for

installing camera optionally, which are also stable enough to keep the

camera steady even in hot or cold situations.

170° Wide Angle Lens

Comfortably Provide Full 3-lane Coverage

ThiEYE Dash Cam Safeel Zero captures the roads efficiently

with the 170˚ ultra wide angle lens that comfortably provides

three lane coverage, ensuring high visibility of any events

surrounding your drive.

Continuously Loop Recording

Outstanding reliability support continuous shooting during the whole driving, Safeel Zero allows

to keep recording without interruption by overwriting the oldest unlocked files when the card is

full. It's capable of supporting up to a 32GB Micro SD card for long hours of recording.

Easy Installation

Record Your Whole Driving Without Hassle

Easily and securely attach the dash cam firmly to car's windshield in seconds with the included suction cup or adhesive mount,

where it has an unobstructed view of the road but does not interfere with the driver's view. Then connect the car charger to the

car power, hiding the cables by placing it in the space between windshield and headliner.

What's included