The Wrist Strap

The wrist strap can securely fix your camera on your wrist, freeing your hands and giving you more flexibility on shooting when doing sports. Moreover, with 360° swiveling wrist strap mount, you can adjust your camera to any angle. Above all, it is great for people who are eager to capture the whole footage and perfect for surfing, diving, climbing and skiing and many other activities.


· Securely fix your camera on your wrist
· 360° swivel wrist strap allows you to adjust your camera to any angle
· The strap is adjustable to fit a range of size of wrist
· The strap's cloth is comfortable to wear
· Mini size, light weight, and portable

How to Use

What's Included

· 1 x 360°  Swiveling Wrist Strap
· 1 x Thumb Screw