Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote & Tripod

This ultra versatile mount can be used as a camera grip, cellphone selfie stick, extendable monopod or tripod. You can use it to record every meaningful moment in your life, such as traveling with lovers, gathering with friends, watching movies, video conference, Facetime.

*Device for Action Cameras and Smartphones


· Detachable Bluetooth Remote is for iOS / Android Smartphone
· Extendable and ultra portable
· Measures 34.25in (87cm) when fully extended and collapses to 8.85in (22.5cm)
· The selfie stick weighs less than half a pound and is compact enough to carry in your backpack
· The adjustable phone holder is suitable for maximum size up to 6.5 inch cellphones
· Lightweight mini tripod can be used on its own or combined with the selfie stick
· Configurable for a wide range of uses, from capturing selfies to static tripod shots and more

Bluetooth Remote Pairing and Connecting

· Bluetooth Range: 10m
· Compatible with iOS / Android Smartphone
· Built-in Removable CR2032 Battery

Step 1: Switch the Power ON/OFF button to ON and the LED light will flashes Blue rapidly.
Step 2: Activate Bluetooth function on your mobile device to begin pairing with Bluetooth Remote.
Step 3: Connect to the Bluetooth Remote by selecting “AB Shutter3” under the device list.
Step 4: Open your smartphone’s camera application, then press Shutter Button of Bluetooth Remote to take photos.

What's Included

· 1 x Selfie Stick
· 1 x Bluetooth Remote
· 1 x Remote Control Holder
· 1 x Tripod
· 1 x Phone Holder
· 1 x Adaptor
· 1 x 1/4”Connector