Voice Activated RemoteVOCO

Speaking simple voice commands to the remote or pressing the button on remote can both drive your ThiEYE action camera, you can strap it to your wrist or attach it to your gear.

*Compatible with ThiEYE T5/T5e/T5 Edge/E7

Voice Control

Use simple predetermined voice commands "Action Start Video", "Action Stop Shooting", "Action Photo","Camera Turn Off" towards the remote to enjoy hands-free control of your camera.
(Important Disclaimer: ①The voice control may have problems of identifying the voice commands you say, please make sure your pronunciation is accurate and try several more times. ② Voice commands only support English pronunciation.)

Remote Control

· Press and hold the "Power ON / OFF Button" for 3s to turn on the remote control.
· Click "Bluetooth Pair" in the camera setting menu, then press any button on the remote.
· The working indicator remains on red, succeed.
· Press "Photo Button" to take photos, and press "Video Button" to start/stop recording.
· Press and hold the "Power ON / OFF Button" for 3s to turn off the remote control.

What's Included

Voice Activated Remote
Wrist Strap
Rechargeable Battery×2 (Model: CR1632)