T5/T5e Rechargeable Battery

The T5/T5e rechargeable battery (1100mAh li-ion) can continuously working about 100 minutes at the resolution of 1080p 60fps. It is just compatible with ThiEYE T5/T5e. So you can use it as a spare or replacement battery for you camera.


· 1100mAh li-ion rechargeable battery for ThiEYE T5/T5e
· Use as a spare or replacement battery for your ThiEYE T5/T5e
· Detachable and convenient to use


Fits Camera Models Wi-Fi action camera T5/T5e

Battery Type Li-ion

Voltage 3.7v

Capacity 1100mAh

Packing List 1 x Battery


· Please protect it from fire, flame, and high temperature if non-use.
· Do not use the battery if it has been damaged.
· Please store in dry and cool environment.